The Bridge: Connecting Brands to Models.

For brands that are new to connecting with plus size models, there are several avenues that you can take to work with new models. The first step is to make the decision that yo

1. Modeling Agencies Specializing in Plus-Size Models
- Reach out to modeling agencies that specifically represent plus-size models. These agencies have a roster of talented and experienced plus-size models who are available for hire. Examples include IMG Models' Curve division, Muse Management, and Milk Model Management.

2. Online Platforms and Directories:
- Utilize online platforms and directories that cater to connecting models with brands. Websites such as Model Mayhem, Model Management, and The Society Management have sections dedicated to plus-size models where brands can browse portfolios and contact models directly.

3. Social Media Networking:
- Leverage social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to network with plus-size models and influencers. Many models showcase their work and portfolio on social media, making it easy for brands to discover and reach out to them directly.

4. Fashion Events and Industry Conferences:
- Attend fashion events, trade shows, and industry conferences where you can network with plus-size models and industry professionals. These events provide opportunities to meet potential models in person and discuss collaboration opportunities.

5. Dedicated Casting Calls:
- Host dedicated casting calls or open calls specifically for plus-size models. Advertise these casting calls through social media, industry forums, and modeling agencies to attract a diverse pool of talent.

6. Online Talent Platforms:
- Explore online talent platforms that connect models with brands for various projects. Websites like Backstage, Casting Networks, and Explore Talent feature listings for modeling opportunities, including those for plus-size models.

7. Collaborate with Influencers and Content Creators:
- Partner with plus-size influencers and content creators who have a strong presence on social media. Many influencers are also models themselves or have connections with models in the industry and can facilitate introductions to suitable talent.

8. Professional Networking Groups:
- Join professional networking groups or associations within the fashion industry that focus on diversity and inclusion. These groups often provide resources and connections for brands looking to hire diverse talent, including plus-size models.

By exploring these options and utilizing various channels for connecting with plus-size models, big fashion brands can streamline the process of hiring diverse talent and promote inclusivity in their advertising campaigns.
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