Title: Embracing Diversity: Why Big Fashion Brands Should Include Plus-Size Models in Their Advertising

Diversity when it comes to fashion and beauty is just as important as diversity on any job site. There needs to be a level of representation that fits different body types, skin tones, etc., because inclusion is important. When people look at products, it's important to represent the population as much as possible. Impossible standards of beauty, only capture a small amount of the population. I think it is vital that big brands embrace diversity and representation in the fashion industry. 

Here are 5 reasons that diversity and size inclusion are very important.

1. It Reflects Reality:
- Realistically speaking, the majority of consumers are not represented by traditional fashion advertising.
- The diversity of body sizes and shapes are much different in the real world.
- Diversity in advertising can resonate with consumers and make them feel welcomed to the brand.

2. Expanding a Brands Market Reach:
- There would be potential market growth by catering to plus-size consumers.
- Statistics and trends show there is an increase in demand for inclusive fashion.
- There are many economic benefits of tapping into this underserved market segment. It can lead to increased revenue for brands. 

3. Builds Brand Authenticity:
- Introducing inclusive advertising can enhance a brand's authenticity and credibility with consumers.
- There is a great level of importance in aligning brand values with consumer values.
- There are many brands that have successfully embraced diversity and authenticity in their advertising, they have exhibited great levels of growth.

4. Empowering Consumers Everywhere:
- The impact that representation has on consumer self-esteem and confidence is needed.
- Inclusive advertising can empower consumers to feel seen and valued and build confidence in the individuals.

5. Driving Social Change:
-The role of big fashion brands is huge and has many levels of cultural influencers.
- Inclusive advertising can challenge societal beauty standards and promote body positivity, it would lead to a happier group of consumers.
- There is a high level of potential for fashion brands to drive social change by advocating for diversity and inclusivity.

Business owners in the fashion industry who look to embrace diversity and inclusivity in their advertising practices, can experience benefits in both their brand and their consumers.
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